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May 22, 2016



If You are Interested in banner Advertising with our platform, Please contact us through the Live Online Consultant – Live Support and Choose BannerAds Support

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Below are our CPM, CPC and CPA Pricing



Cost Per Click Pricing Table


Number Of Clicks

Cost Per Click (R:ZAR)

1-100 1.12
101-500 1.00
1001-5000 0.88
5001-10000 0.76
10001-50000 0.64
50001-100000 0.28
100000 – Above 0.04


Key Terms To Know Briefly:


1. Banners And Banner Advertisements :

A banner is the content (creative) and associated properties that make up an on-line advertisement. In ZaCart, a banner is both the content (called a creative in the on-line advertising world) and the associated properties that go along with it. If you look around or browse ZaCart Website, you will observe or notice pop up banners side by side of ads items, either at the top , bottom, or side left and right of a listing – Thats what is called banners hence banner ads or adverts or advertisements.

A banner’s creative could be one of many different supported options – ZaCart can deliver creatives that are images, such as GIF, JPEG and PNG files; SWF or Flash files; as well as plain text and HTML/HTML5, which can include video-based advertisements. In addition to the creative, a banner then contains properties such as where and how the creative should be stored, the dimensions of the creative and any delivery limitations that should be applied.

ZaCart if currently only supporting Banners with dimensions of Pixels 728×90 and Skyscrapper with dimensions of 160×600 in Pixels. Static Photos and HTML / HTML5 Banners

2. Cost Per Click (CPC) :

A click is whenever someone clicks on an ad AND Cost Per Click is the cost or price or fee a customer pays to ZaCart for every Click made on the customers banner displayed on ZaCart Site. Clicks are made by the visitors or potential customers interested in your business’s product or service your are offering.

When your potential customers click on your banner, they will be redirected to your business website where they will decide to contact you, purchase online, or consult with as a result of clicking on your banner that we display on our website as Banner Advertisement.

3. Cost Per Impression or Views (CPM):

In on-line advertising, an Impression is a view, or an “opportunity to see” an ad. Every time an ad is displayed (rendered) on a website site or device, this is an “opportunity to see” the ad, and counts as an impression.

So Cost Per Impression is the cost, fee or price a customer pays ZaCart every time his/her banner ad has been displayed to our website visitors . Refer to tables above for Impression pricing depending on the number of Impressions you want ZaCart to display to your potential customer visitors. We use key words to triger these impressions.

4. Cost Per Action or Conversion (CPA):

An acquisition, Conversion or action is a certain (tracked) action that a user may perform after having either seen or clicked on an ad. Examples include purchasing a product, signing up to a newsletter, registering for a site, etc.

Cost Per Acquisition/Action/Conersion is the cost per acquisition or action (for the advertiser/customer) – that is, where the advertiser/customer pays based on the required action being performed after either clicking on an ad, or less commonly, after having seen an ad impression. For ZaCart, this can also be thought of as the revenue per action. Refer to the table above for prices depending on the number of Actions/Conversions you might want Zacart to Convert for your business to Potential Customers of your products or services.

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