ZaCartOnline Ads With YouTube Videos Tips & Tricks

images (18)Once again ZaCart Blog Brings to your attention About Increasing Sales, Click Through Rates, Leads, Contacts by adding your Business Video or any Video clip along with your Advert Content On the ZaCartOnline Classifieds Ads Or Business Directory Website.

By Adding a YouTube video or any other video into your advert while posting an advert on ZaCart.Co.Za webiste, it will drive more traffic to your website or AD and you could be able to convert such leads into sales or leads and increase your income.


So add your YouTube video to your Ad, when posting or listing your business to ZaCart.Co.Za Website;

A more illustrative or ellaborate YouTube video will drive more views and sales to your business.

Example: sample video from YouTube –


is seen in this ZaCart Online Advert at this Link – Click here To watch video in ZaCart Advert.

How To Add YouTube Video Into Your ZaCart Advert While Posting New Advert:

  1. Go To
  2. Click On – Post Your Listing
  3. Choose a category you would like your ad to appear, If you don’t choose the category, The youtube bar won’t appear.
  4. After choosing the category, a youtube bar will appear, and thats where you have to past or type in your choice of  YouTube Video that you want to showcase to the public or interested potential customers to your business.
  5. NOTE: You must have a youtube video to add a video in your ZaCart Advert
  6. A good video means more sales and income to your business.

Enjoy Posting More Ads On ZaCartOnline Business DirectoryFree Online Advertising Platform.


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