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WE WAITED 15 YEARS FOR JACOBMr. Pius Akinsanya and his wife of 15 years came to The SCOAN to testify to the bundle of happiness God has blessed them with. Since 2002, the couple had been looking for a child without any solution in sight. They faced rejection, name-calling and constant frustration for the past 15 years because of their childless state. When they turned to medical doctors, Pius was diagnosed of having low sperm count and 80% of his sperms were dead. His wife was diagnosed with infection and fibroid. They resorted to herbal and traditional medicine all to no avail. The depression their barrenness brought into their home translated into heavy quarrels and fights, to the extent they lost affection for each other. After Pius came across Emmanuel TV and started praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua, the first thing that was restored in the couple’s marital home was their long lost love life and affection towards each other wife. They felt their marriage had been renewed.Mr. and Mrs. Pius Akinsanya visited The SCOAN and the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua touched and prayed for them. He also blessed them with the Morning Water. With their marriage renewed and solidified in the Lord, the couple met as husband and wife and within a couple of months, she tested positive as pregnant. Mrs. Akinsanya, accompanied by her beaming husband, presenting baby Jacob to the world, said her garment of shame had been

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