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I will change your life !|+27733229259My name is Cita , and I was born and raised in lokoja, a little town located at the West Africa (where Voodoo was born). I own my name to Goddess “Cita Wedo”(The Raimbow’s Spirit.)My family is the most respected and honorable in the voodoo religion for several generations of high voodoo priests, and princess.Since I was a little Boy, all around in my family sensed the power involved in me. I was a blessed one (Eyram in Ewe language). When I was two (2) years old I was bitten by a very poisonous snake (Bitis Arietans) one of the most dangerous snakes in the world that can kill a human within minutes. Here the reason why I am also known as Aida “Damballah” Wedo,“The Serpent’s Spirit”. The most important of all loa, or Iwa. After this event, I was able to see, sense, and do things that not any other priest could. Those skills gave me the title of “Mother-Queen”.For more than 45 years, My Real African Voodoo Rituals, and My Real African Voodoo Spells have amazed the world. My gift, and my reputation are well known around the world..Even those powerful, and most respected Voodoo priests refer to me as Highest Priestess Father of Kings Cita “Damballah” Wedo.For years, I have created an original and unique style of powerful spells. I combined ancient and traditional knowledge of the Voodoo practice. I have helped thousands of people to resolve all kind of problems, and make their wishes come true.I have helped them to find love, to bring back lost loves, to break-up unwanted relationships, to improve the quality of intimacy, to save marriages, to create wealth, to heal souls and bodies, to protect themselves from black magic, envies and evil forces, to improve their luck, to help people finding new jobs and careers, or to make progress on those jobs they already have, to improve their studies, to lose weight, and many more (See Testimonials). Internet is the way that allows me to reach more people that really need my help.Watsup/call +27733229259/

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7 Street, 6 Street , All , Mpumalanga South Africa

Phone: +27733229259

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      • Name sheik
      • Phone +27733229259

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      • Country South Africa
      • Region Mpumalanga
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      • Address All

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