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With over 10 years experience,TESTED and CERTIFIED, International Intuitive Psychic, Angel Reader, Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Empathy & Riki Master. Messages provided through SPIRIT GUIDE/ANGELIC MESSENGER contact. All messages come from a place of love and honesty, never fear or judgment based on sexuality or race. Dr Ram assists you with your life path, soul purpose, relationships, career, finances, manifesting your dreams, abundance and working out life's kinks  As a TESTED and CERTIFIED International Intuitive Psychic, Angel Reader, Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor,Dr Ram provides messages and information through contact with your spirit guides and angelic messengers as well as his own. All messages received from your guides come from a place of love, honesty and never fear. This allows Dr Ram to give you the information you seek on love, money, life and soul purpose, manifesting your dreams, career, family relationships, spiritual guidance, healing your past and living your best future or just working out life's daily kinks.  There is never judgment based on lifestyle, your past or present situation or sexuality.Dr Ram also works with his totems - the Bald Eagle, the Red Tail Hawk and the Great Gray Owl. He can help you to discover your totems or what they represent in your life. Dr Ram is also on a Shaman's journey at this time which allows him to connect with the ancient guides.   Experience includes: Relationships - love, family, friends,Angel ReadingsIntuitive ReadingsOracle ReadingsLife CoachSpiritual CounselingDream InterpretationSpirit Guide ReadingsReligion AnswersREVIEWS;  Thank you Dr Ram for all you have done for me. I will make my decisions and you answered the questions I needed to know. I will call you again and I will do as you   Dr Ram ,thank you so much for taking the time to channel this for me. It does confirm so much as to what I am in doing and what I keep getting told is coming my way. Much love and gratefulness  Dr Ram was a wonderful person to connect with he is calm, kind and has a great sense of humor. Dr Ram is very talented with the information he gave me. he gave a life lesson, not only in his reading, but during the course of our session. Patience, love of self, and boundaries were the key words. Sometimes it takes someone as gifted as Dr Ram is to teach those words and qualities. Thank you once again. by Debra McFadden  I have had many readings with Dr Ram  and each time he enlightens me and lifts me up. I always feel better when we are finished and I also have more insight to those things that are holding me back. he is on point with many things that I have not told him about and yet he picked up on them. I Highly recommend getting a reading from Dr Ram. he is excellent at communicating the messages from my guides. he has helped me through many issues in the past and I will call him again. CALL+27621474321

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Worldwide , Durban North all , Maseru Lesotho

Phone: +27621474321

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      • Name Dr ram
      • Phone +27621474321

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      • Country Lesotho
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