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    Spiritual healer i can help you remove all kind of black magic or jinnGain Inner Strength Through Chakra BalancingWe are focused on providing a glimpse into your past or future through crystals and tarot card readings. For those facing pain or lack of energy, psychic healing is available. Life can be challenging, seek help to succeed today.Psychic ServicesMy power healing was created to help people in need of spiritual healing. Our Founder designed each reading and healing to channel into people's energy to help them in the best way possible. We are located in Durban & Worldwide you are more than welcome. My reading are very powerful and gifted. I was born with psychic ability and traveled to many different places to enhance my powers. Of healing i can help answer your most desired questions. Life can be very demanding and drain you of energy, even create barriers energetically for you. Let us help, please give us a call for your first free question.ContactThank you for your interest. For questions please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon to set up your first appointment. If in the area,  you are welcome.Hours of OperationAvailable 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a WeekService AreaNationwide, South Africa $ KZN Durban Phone Number* +27818466281

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Worldwide , All Durban North , KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

Phone: +27818466281

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      Publisher Details

      • Name Phile
      • Phone +27818466281

      AD Location

      • Country South Africa
      • Region KwaZulu-Natal
      • City Durban North
      • Address All

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